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Agency: Yooralla
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Suburb: MELBOURNE, 3000
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Description: In 1918, Evangeline Ireland (Sister Faith) found a severely disabled child left under a chicken coop while parents were out to work. Miss Ireland was so distressed that she established a free kindergarten in inner-suburban Melbourne for children with disabilities. The kindergarten was named 'Yoralla' - an Aboriginal word meaning place of love. Because of Miss Ireland’s determination and vision, many thousands of children and adults with disabilities and their carers have received valuable therapy, training and support. Yooralla is one of Victoria’s oldest and largest non profit community service providers. We help Victorians who live with a disability acquired from birth, accident, ill health or age, to do everyday things like eating, moving about, talking, showering, working and generally living independently. Yooralla helps around 30,000 Victorians with disabilities every year, many on a daily basis. We offer pre-school, school aged, and adult therapy services including nursing, speech pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and education therapy. We also provide opportunities for people with a disability to access residential accommodation, in and out of home respite, attendant care or alternative care for children with a disability, equipment, advocacy, employment and recreation services. VISION As the leader in the sector, Yoralla Society of Victoria will be the preferred provider of services that promote, develop and sustain independence and community inclusion of those who have, or may acquire, disability. In achieving its vision, Yoralla Society of Victoria is an organisation that values: -- Excellence in everything that it does. -- The rights of service users. -- Its staff and their development. -- Services that are outcomes oriented and the measurement of performance. -- Sound fiscal management, efficiency and accountability. -- An environment of continuous learning and improvement. -- Ethical management and practice. -- Teamwork and participative management. -- Cultural diversity. -- Positive relationships with those who shares its interests.
Address: 244 Flinders Street
Medicare Local: Inner North West Melbourne
Contact Number:
Voice/ Land Line 03 9666 4500 (Main Contact)
Fax 03 9916 5900
Melbourne (C)
PCP Catchment:
Inner North West Primary Care Partnership
Melways Ref: N/A
Vicroads Ref: N/A
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